New Arrivals

  • ALH Law of Insecticides, Fertiliser Control Order FCO, Seeds & Essential Commodities Act 1955 ( 18th Edn. 2018)
  • Dr. S.R. Myneni Hindu Law ( family law 1 ) reprint edn 2017
  • P.Satyanarayana Hand Book on Law of Promissory Notes updated Reprint 2016
  • DVSR Prabhakara Rao Supreme Court on Industrial Employment
  • Epuri Ramulu Law of Evidence (Telugu)2012
  • Guide to Legal Abbreviations to Law Students Teachers Advocates edn. 2014
  • Bhagirath Rao E.L. Marriage Laws & Family Courts Act along with Case Law and Model forms (12th Edn. 2018)
  • Dr. S.R. Myneni Law of Limitation reprint 2017
  • The Telangana Panchayat Act 2018 along with election rules edn. 2nd 2018
  • Padala Rama Reddi Minimum Rates of Wages in Telangana aslso contaning Act Rules and Notifications throughly revised 19 th edn. 2015
  • Epuri Ramulu Police Investigation Security Proceeings for Prevention of Crime Plea Bargaining Crpc Amendments Act edn 2017 in telugu
  • Law of Contract and Specific Relief ( Contract 1) 1st edn. 2016
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